Friday, March 23, 2007

"There's An Epidemic in America"!

Many recall a time when your mother or grandmother gave you a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil and an occasional dose of Castor Oil as preventative health care. Many of our wise elders also administered blood cleansers and formulas to De-Worm the children. Most of us are clueless concerning the magnitude of benefits that these remedies bestowed upon us. They were a wonderful mix of Prevention/Treatment. Although most would probably say that the Cod Liver Oil and Castor Oil didn't taste good, let's look at the end results. I can recall the elders of those generations living to ripe old ages of 90's some even 100 or more in good health and without devastating disorders like Alzheimers or Parkinsons, and bare in mind that many of these elders smoke, drank, ate pork, etc. Why is this? Why are diseases escalating instead of decreasing (with the advanced scientific discoveries in medicine)? In the U.S., we spend Trillions on Medical Care - yet we are the sickest! Cancers are on the rise, Auto-Immunity(Lupus, M.S., Sarcoidosis, etc.), Heart Disease is our #1 killer, Diabetes brings with it vision problems or blindness, kidney failure as well as cardiovascular complications, Arthritis is on the rise - and have you noticed that we've been told that there are NO CURES for any of the aforementioned?PEOPLE, IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!! Let's take a look at our life and lifestyle today and compare it to the days when we had healthy longevity. We must look at our food first. Today our meats are pumped with Hormones to plump them, and Antibiotics to keep them free from diseases. In addition to this we've recently been informed that they are now Cloning the animals!!! The foods we eat are bombarded with Preservatives, Additives and Chemicals! Our lifestyles have become much more sedentary, no recesses in schools, video games as opposed to playing outside and once you get a car, walking becomes almost a thing of the past. I could go on and on on this subject, but you get the picture. The irony is that things are really backward, back in the day we didn't need the Prevention/Treatment to the defree that we really NEED it now! However, because we do have the myriad of obstacles stacked against us today that we didn't have then, there is a need not only to utilize the old tools of the trade for prevention, but we have to 'up the anty': WE HAVE TO CLEAN UP OUR PAST! This is why I have been constantly talking about System Cleansing for the past 15 years, on my radio show, Ask the Herbalist and my TV show, Herban Renewal , teaching classes at Northeastern Illinois University (CICS) for the past 4 years (Herbal/Nutrition Courses) as well as doing private consultations/evaluations. I heard a report in the summer of 2006 on the news that basically stated that in the U.S. , the children of this generation aren't expected to outlive their parents due to their diets!!!!!!!!!! If the true stats were revealed of the number of people on pharmaceuticals and why, it would blow your mind. I can however give you some real stats: 700,000 patients go to the hospital every year due to the complications and side effects of drugs. Approximately 285,000 DIE every year due to the side effects and complications of drugs every year! Pharmaceuticals are in may cases life savers, but clearly are not THE SOLUTION to the epidemic that is spreading across the U.S. without any signs of reversing. What good is wealth, fame or power without your health, or the health of those you love? It's absolutlely worthless! It's time for a Health Revolution and it's simple, start by cleaning up your past and building for a brighter future. Time is not in our hands, it's in God's hands, but the QUALITY of life is in your hands. The foods you put in your mouth have an effect on your mind & body just as the thoughts that are in your mind effect your mind & body - the river runs both ways. Contact us here at Herban Renewal to get some help and guidelines and learn how to clean up the past. Until next time, have a blessed and productive day! Medna J. Nance, Certified Herbalist, Health Consultant and Natural Health Teacher

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We are announcing our debut of our the Herban Renewal National Monthly Teleconference where our friends nation wide can call and ask questions and become educated on ways to better health issues.

Call Medina J. Nance for “The Health Answers You Need!”

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Sunday April 15th Sunday May 20th Sunday June 17th Sunday July 15th
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Note: Long Distance Charges May Apply

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monthly Herban Renewal Teleconferences

Plesase call us about our National Monthly
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Herban Renewal's Chicago CAN-TV Shows

We are very excited about our upcoming April Shows host on the Chicago’s CAN-TV Network. These Herbal Renewal shows are power packed with exciting informative information that will assist you to greater heights in your life.

Medina J. Nance Executive Producer/Hostess

The programming are as follows:
Thu. April 4th @ 8:30 PM
Tue. April 10th @ 11:00 PM
Thu. April 19th @ 9:30 PM
Sun. April 29th @ 8:30 PM

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Herban Renewal's Testimonials

"Since I've been on the 90-Day Colon Cleanse, my blood pressure came down like never before. I feel great, everyone says how good I look now and my beautician said my hair has changed it's texture and color, it's so pretty"Bennie Bell San Francisco, CA

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, cysts on lymph nodes - the doctors proposed surgery to remove sweat glands, cysts and chemotherapy. SO days into the 9O-Day program including: 9O-Day Colon Cleanse, E-Tea, Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) and Lymphomax, Ms. Triplett was told by the doctors that they saw no signs of cancer, no hormone receptors of cancer and no cysts!

During & 9O - Day Colon Cleanse Program,. one man eliminated two balls of waste with spikes and some blood on them he went to the ER the next morning and to his amazement he had eliminated two rectal tumors that could have turned into rectal cancer!

At Herban Renewal, we've had four HIV positive clients become HIV negative (remember Magic Johnson!). Also, one client with full blown AIDS, who went from I6O lbs to 80 lbs! Today that client is I3O lbs and gaining, doctors say they see no signs of the virus. All we can say is Thank God! For every disease, there's a Natural Cure and for every Drug, there's a Natural Alternative.

"Because a body's a terrible thing to waste!"

Remember, there's an estimated 98,OOO deaths yearly due to drug medications! (That's approx. 8,166 a month, 1,885 a week and approx. 269 deaths a day!!!!!!)

Wholistic Health & Prevention

There is an overwhelming need for education and information of prevention and cures of all the disorders plaguing our people today from arthritis to AIDS. People need to know there is a way to prevent and cure disease and maintain optimum health via cleansing the system, building the immune/lymphatic system and supplementing the necessary nutrients.I have a broad base of clients throughout the United States and abroad who have defeated cancer, sarcoidosis, HIV, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, fibroids, prostrate, disorders, hormone and estrogen replacement, etc. all through cleansing, rearranging the diet and supplementation.


Healing The Body

Nothing heals in the human body in less than three (3) months, then add one month for every year that you have been sick.Our bodies are part of the earth being comprised of the same elements, which comprise the plant on which we live and from which we depend upon for our existence. Since this is so, then we are subject to the same laws, which govern the earth.

When we reflect upon creation we immediately see a definite order, a regularity, things are fixed, a certain timing is present all of the time. Life is order!Healing takes on these same characteristics. Where did this "hypothetical", three (3) months (90) idea originate? For most of you this should bring to mind the colon cleanse which we have been using for more than a decade.

If we look at nature we see that the seasons are 90 days, the maturation of most food crops is 90 days and I have been told that in the AA recovery program they teach that habits form in 90 days; so, there is nothing metaphysical in this doctrine. Furthermore, what we are after in health, whether cleansing, rebuilding, or maintaining is changing the state or condition of the tissue at cell level. This is a process (time). Tissue does not break down overnight or in the a day or week; it takes years to seriously damage tissue.

This is assuming we are not "trying" to harm ourselves, e.g., using drugs. Cancerous tissue develops with time. So the reverse is just as true.How foolish it is to expect some miracle, some fast, microwave, "shot-from-guns" effect when it comes to repairing our bodies. We must be in this process for the whole, proverbial, nine yards. We are spinning our wheels if we think that anything less will do!