Monday, March 19, 2007

Herban Renewal's Testimonials

"Since I've been on the 90-Day Colon Cleanse, my blood pressure came down like never before. I feel great, everyone says how good I look now and my beautician said my hair has changed it's texture and color, it's so pretty"Bennie Bell San Francisco, CA

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, cysts on lymph nodes - the doctors proposed surgery to remove sweat glands, cysts and chemotherapy. SO days into the 9O-Day program including: 9O-Day Colon Cleanse, E-Tea, Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) and Lymphomax, Ms. Triplett was told by the doctors that they saw no signs of cancer, no hormone receptors of cancer and no cysts!

During & 9O - Day Colon Cleanse Program,. one man eliminated two balls of waste with spikes and some blood on them he went to the ER the next morning and to his amazement he had eliminated two rectal tumors that could have turned into rectal cancer!

At Herban Renewal, we've had four HIV positive clients become HIV negative (remember Magic Johnson!). Also, one client with full blown AIDS, who went from I6O lbs to 80 lbs! Today that client is I3O lbs and gaining, doctors say they see no signs of the virus. All we can say is Thank God! For every disease, there's a Natural Cure and for every Drug, there's a Natural Alternative.

"Because a body's a terrible thing to waste!"

Remember, there's an estimated 98,OOO deaths yearly due to drug medications! (That's approx. 8,166 a month, 1,885 a week and approx. 269 deaths a day!!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Nance for returning my call last week. my name is Frances Cornelius and the sickness i have is DIVERTICULITIS, and the Doctor tell me there is no cure for it so i am turning to you for help' my e-mail is and my home # is (209) 862-4588 my cell # is (510)812-8859.